CSULB - My College Experience


I am absolutely fascinated with my Modern Sociological Theory class at Cal State Long Beach. Specifically I am fascinated with what we’ve been reading from Pierre Bourdieu in his writing The Logic of Practice. I had a completely different post already started which I intended to finish up and publish today, but then today happened. Two weeks… Continue reading Habitus

CSULB - My College Experience · Parenthood


Celeste is taking her afternoon nap. I could be cleaning, doing laundry, or even cooking but I’m not because it feels so nice that after 16 weeks I have free time that doesn’t need to be used for catching up on reading or working on a writing asssignment. This morning I finished the Fall semester… Continue reading Exhale…relief

CSULB - My College Experience · Parenthood

Just the right attitude

You know those days where nothing quite goes as planned and you’re busy going from one thing to the next with a few moments of downtime sprinkled here and there? I’ve had one of those days, and its been wonderful. How is it that it’s been so great if I haven’t quite been able to… Continue reading Just the right attitude