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Not too long ago there was a post about Staying Regular from Daily Prompt and I thought how much this applied to me. I’ve been neglecting my blog for some time, and when I do get on here it’s usually very sporadic. I think once it had even been close to two months (if not more) since I’d written.

So I started thinking how with anything that you want to improve, I need to find time and be more regular about my writing. Especially because I owe it not only to myself but also all you wonderful readers that are currently subscribed to my blog. And because it is truly important for me to stay connected. It makes me smile when I see a “like” or a comment or even just a visit, and I’d like to also feel like I make you smile by staying regular.

Rather than find time to write I need to make the time to share. And so this is my new commitment to myself and to you. To create more consistency and in the process improve in this area of sharing and writing that I love so much.

For tonight I will share the very exciting news that I have just four more classes to go to graduate from university! I should be done Spring 2014 and while there have been days that I feel overwhelmed and like I just want to give up, I remind myself how very close I am to keep going. I also decided to apply for the Sociology Honors Program which would take place during my last two semesters. I thought about this quite a bit (applying or not) because if I do get accepted I know it’ll be an extra load on top of what I already do. But in the end I realized I couldn’t just not apply and give myself the opportunity. If I don’t get accepted I have nothing to lose and I’ll feel so proud for having the courage to apply. And if I do get in, I know that God will see me through it.

Well, with this I bid you all a very good night and I’ll be back here soon.


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