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There are no negative gears

We were all set to go and had everything planned for our outing. My husband had finally bought Celeste, our 15 month old daughter, her weeride bike seat attachment so that we could finally take her on a bike ride. So while she was taking her nap this morning he got that thing all set… Continue reading There are no negative gears

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My Self Confidence Has Stretched Out and Says, Let’s Do This!

I’ve never really been very athletic, especially when it comes to team sports. Throw me a ball, or a set of keys, and my first reaction is usually to duck and cover. I remember in Elementary school I was always excited and willing to participate in a game of tether ball or dodge ball or have… Continue reading My Self Confidence Has Stretched Out and Says, Let’s Do This!


The Scapegoat Is Out To Lunch

I am saying this in my own personal limited experience as a parent, but I don’t think there is anything worse than hearing the sound of your toddler screaming/crying in discomfort/pain while frantically trying to find the thing that will calm her. This was how my humbling experience began this evening, and in the end… Continue reading The Scapegoat Is Out To Lunch