Life · The Triathlon

I set the bar 


I’m not going to lie, I’m equal amounts super excited and super nervous about tomorrow. There are moments when the thought of what awaits tomorrow comes to mind and I feel totally confident and at ease, I don’t even think twice about it. Then there are moments when I get too much in my head and I feel this rush of fear creeping slowly to my throat, like an undesired scream pushing to get out.

Tomorrow is the Pasadena Triathlon at the Rose Bowl. My very first triathlon and I am equal parts excited and nervous. This is a reverse triathlon so it’ll be 3 mile run, 9 mile bike ride, and then 150 meter swim.

The encouraging thing is I am in a really great mind set. I have never felt this confident and this ready for something that will be a great physical challenge for me. Yes, I workout regularly but I am not built of zero percent body fat, or boast six pack abs, and my legs and arms are not cut with pure muscle. I’m also not a slouchy coach potato either.

What I do have is a huge passion, drive, and determination to see myself accomplish this physical challenge. This will be my greatest physical feat by far, well not counting carrying and delivery two healthy beautiful girls of course.

My greatest challenge is the run. I always say I am not a runner, but I know I need to switch that mind set because there have been several times when I’ve been running to train for the 3 mile run that I get into such a wonderful zone, that feeling where you can run longer than you thought you could. That your body is capable of taking you further. And, I’ve also had these post high workout moments when I’ve done the run & bike together and my body feels so powerful. I’m almost surprised of my capabilities in those moments and I realize the truth to the expression that we are our own limit. 

I heard a beautiful phrase on the Christian radio station as I left work today. In sum the message said we need to ask ourselves if we are willing to do something that maybe we don’t want to do in order to achieve the results we want. I know now that I am. I am going into this wanting to complete the entire course. I am not in a race with myself or with others. This is simply about doing my best and arriving at the end. 

That is the thought that has me smiling and feeling ready. I am envisioning two wonderful rewards in the end. The first is, after the run and the bike ride, I get to finish with the swim. Water is my element and for me being able to end this triathlon with the 150 m swim is my reward. And of course, the greatest  reward of all will be completing the course.

I am nervous and I am excited. I know I am capable of this. I believe I can do this.  



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