The friends in my life 

I am so thankful for the friendships I’ve developed over the years. God has introduced some truly amazing and inspiring people into my life. Women that have become solid friends and beacons of encouragement and strength for me. 

Tonight I had the lovely pleasure of getting to see some friends from my old job, the very small but significant two year stint that I did at a non profit. Those ladies that became dear friends of mine have become the most beautiful thing to come of that experience. These women are younger and older than me and each one has taught me something great about life, love, encouragement, strength, laughter, and being there for one another. 

I have another circle of friends that I’ve also known for well over a decade  and they just  absolutely light up my life. There are also family members that are dear to me not just because they’re family but because they have crossed that bridge of family and become something deeply closer for me. 

I realize with each passing year how much these women mean to me. How much they have influenced my life and where I am today. 

When I sit and truly take a moment to think about each one of them, I want to shout out “I love you!” They have brought an abundance of joy and love to my life.

They are my tribe. And I want so profoundly to be there for them in the way they have been there for me. To give to them as much and more than what they’ve given me. 


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