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When the toilet overflows 

Dear God, please fast forward time and let bed time be now. 

Work is usually my escape time from the chaos that is sometimes parenthood, motherhood, etc. Except today I spent FOUR hours trying to process payroll. Because our new payroll company decided it would be a good idea to leave input of our first payroll until the last possible minute. As in the last possible day to process in time for checks to arrive for tomorrow’s pay day. So what happened? The inevitable. No direct deposits were assigned. One employee was completely non existent. Pay rates were input incorrectly. And of course no deductions were recorded. Fun times. 

Once at home, our oldest decided to throw a fit because I stood my ground on her needing a nap. I would gladly welcome someone enforcing nap time for me! But not our 5 year old of course. She finally zonked out and things seemed to be going smooth for the hour she slept. 

Then it was time for dance class. We were in the car and ready to go at 3:10pm when she suddenly decided she had to go poo. Dance class starts at 3:30pm. 3:20pm she’s finally done and as I flush the toilet the water begins to rise!! Mother f&@%$#!!!!!! I flush a bit to see if that gets stuff moving around and it rises more! NOOOOO!!! 

I don’t have time for this!! 

F this sh$&! 

I lower the toilet seat and we rush out of the house. Because hell yeah getting to dance class is more important than this hot mess. 
That’s what I have to look forward to when we get home. 

And the load of laundry sitting in the washer waiting to get transferred to the dryer. 😂


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