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Back seat talk 

I read somewhere that young children tend to open up and share most when they are chatting while riding in the back seat or during bath time. 

True or not, I have to say I’ve heard some absolutely awesome thoughts from my daughter in both scenarios. 

Yesterday our oldest was telling me all about her two friends Aidan and Dax (I have no idea how to spell this name but it sounds like this might be right). How they both love to play with her and listen to her sing. She said they chase her and they are very nice. She’s known Aidan since pre-school and I’ve known he has a little boy crush on her. It’s very sweet to listen to. Then she told me that she already knows which of the two she’s going to marry. It sounded so sweet and innocent. 

Our talks when I’m bathing her show more of her creative side. She will come up with entire dialogues and story lines between her bath toys and I just listen, fascinated. 

I hope that her ability to express herself and to be so creative will only continue to flourish as she grows older. 

I’m the meantime I feel so blessed to be the recipient of her words and imagination. 


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