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Triathlon 2017

It was a regular morning at work when I decided to steal a little break time and check my personal email account. As is the norm there was a barrage of junk email and I began my ritual of just click, click, clicking away on the little box to the left, choosing emails I would soon delete. 

That’s when I saw it. Pasadena Triathlon. Rose Bowl. Early Registration. 

My heart raced. This Triathlon had been on my mind since 2012, when I had originally signed up to do it and then went on to get really sick just before the big event and backed out of it days before. Disappoint for sure. 

I sat there and thought. And then I told myself, stop, don’t think. And I clicked and my heart beat a little faster and the page opened up and I fumbled on the keyboard quickly typing all my information in. Pushing back that little voice, the voice trying to tell me to stop and think. Nope! Don’t stop. I knew if I did I’d talk myself out of it. I paused, sent a text to my husband telling him I was going to sign up for the Pasadena Triathlon, and kept typing. Immediately support and encouragement from my husband. My heart beating even faster. 

Oh my god, I am going to sign up for the Pasadena Triathlon! 

And just like that, I was signed up.  

Oh my God! I was signed up!! 

My face hurt from the huge grin lifting my cheekbones so high up my big eyes squinted almost shut. I was so exited, and nervous! 

So now the journey begins. This is quite possibly the hugest physical challenge I will be doing, aside from labor of course! 

I haven’t run in about 2 years, possibly more, and now I have committed to this Triathlon which will be a 3 mile run, followed by a 9 mile bike ride and culminating in a 150 meter swim. 

My biggest challenge is the run because I am not a runner. But I know I can do this. So I’ve started to run and so far I’m able to do 2 miles in 22:09. I am working my way to that 3 mile mark! 

This will be my journey to my very first triathlon and I am so excited to share it with you! 


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