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My Self Confidence Has Stretched Out and Says, Let’s Do This!

I’ve never really been very athletic, especially when it comes to team sports. Throw me a ball, or a set of keys, and my first reaction is usually to duck and cover. I remember in Elementary school I was always excited and willing to participate in a game of tether ball or dodge ball or have some independent fun at the monkey bars. I was always willing to try something and participate, but then something happened in Junior high because I became a bit doubtful of my abilities and less adventurous. I remember I used to cringe whenever physical education rolled around and the teacher decided it was softball day. I would always choose to be somewhere way on the outskirts in the hopes that nobody could really hit that far or would just forget I was out there and I could avoid any contact with the ball for the duration of the class.

Then came High School and this was when I found that little thing that made me completely happy. Of all the memories I have of high school, my fondest ones are the countless hours I spent being a part of the swimming team, and I found that whatever difficult thing I felt I was going through during those four years, when I was in that pool I felt complete, at peace, and like everything would be alright.

Since my High School days I haven’t really been doing much lap swimming, mostly it’s just leisure days spent at the pool during the summer. And then a few months ago, desperate to get back to exercising but finding it difficult to get to the gym with a newborn baby, I decided to try the sport of running, even though I had always felt such an aversion for the sport.

Now, you must know that when it comes to exercising I am one of those people that loves to hear and admire from afar all those exercise buffs that try all these countless sports or activities and I sometimes envision myself doing the same thing, but usually don’t get around to committing to it. So running became for me, for the first time, something I did out of shear love and will and desire to do it – kind of like swimming. Who would have guessed? Certainly not me. Now whenever I lace up my shoes and get a chance to run I smile inwardly at myself and giggle, because I think to myself, and this is the girl who said she was not a runner.

So imagine my surprise when a couple nights ago we’re having dinner with a few of my husband’s coworkers/friends and one of our friend’s, the wife of my husband’s coworker, says to me “Yvonne, let’s do a triathlon!”

Whoah! Did she seriously just ask me to do a triathlon with her?

I don’t even remember what the first words out of my mouth were, but I certainly remember my first thought was “ocean” because the little I do know of triathlon’s is that there’s a swimming event and that usually takes place in the ocean and while I may love swimming, I prefer to keep my swimming in the safety of a pool. Her husband must have been reading my expression because he mentions that the swimming is in a pool. Ooh, a pool – says my inner voice. Okay, I can do that. But of course my next thought, and question is what is the length of the run. Because while I am starting to build on my love for running (and endurance) I am by no means capable yet of going the long haul. The word “half marathon” alone makes me want to hide. And guess what they tell me? The run is 5K. Oh, I can do 5K!

So now I am sitting there and actually contemplating doing this and as I look at my husband and he smiles and says to me “You can totally do it!” I find myself believing it and asking for more information. And so guess what this lovely lady did yesterday? That’s right, I signed up for my very first Triathlon which is at the Pasadena Rose Bowl on March 23rd.

But you know what the coolest thing is? That I don’t believe I’m insane for wanting to do this, I honestly believe that I can do this and I feel like somewhere from deep inside me this extra confidence that was sort of snoozing has sort of stretched itself out and is looking out at the world around and saying “Let’s do this!”


6 thoughts on “My Self Confidence Has Stretched Out and Says, Let’s Do This!

    1. I’m excited for it! I loved your post Why Write, I hope you got my comment, I was using my cell phone and I’m not sure if it went through. You have some great thoughts!


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