Finding My Inner ‘Top Chef’

This weekend I became inspired to challenge myself with another goal. For those that know me well it’s no secret that my cooking skills leave something to be desired. In my defense though I have to say I’ve come a long way in the last 5 years, precisely the amount of time I’ve known my husband (this is no coincidence). It’s even a little joke among my family that I could have easily learned how to cook had I not preferred to have my face stuck in a book as a kid while my mom cooked and my brother learned instead (he’s a great cook too of course). It’s tough enough being a woman and not having much cooking/baking skills but add to that the fact that I’m Mexican and well it becomes rather embarrassing and not to mention a treat for my family to hear my kitchen anecdotes.

So back to my inner Top Chef (I absolutely love watching this show). I know I have it somewhere inside me I just need to put the time and practice to learn. This weekend I finally gave myself the push that I needed. You see it was my brother’s birthday this weekend and my mom and sister in law made my brother’s favorite meal Friday night and my mom mentioned how I really should learn how to make this dish. And really I should, especially because my sister in law (who is caucasian) knows how to make more signature Mexican dishes than I do (and quite well!). So I told my mom that twice a month on Fridays, while my husband goes to class in the evening, I’d like her to come over and show me a new dish.

I’m really looking forward to this not only because I’ll be learning some of my mom’s recipes but also because it’ll give my mom and I some quality time. I’m very close to my mom and like to see her often and unfortunately when school starts a lot of my free time gets absorbed with homework & studying and so I think consciously putting aside this time will be good for both of us. 

It’s time I set aside my defensive approach when it comes to being in the kitchen and that I embrace the fact that I may just be able to come up with some delicious food, or at the very least have some very funny stories to share here.


2 thoughts on “Finding My Inner ‘Top Chef’

  1. Eeeek! Who’s going to be testing your dishes? Lmao! Just kidding beanie…I think it’s great you’re making the effort. I found myself wanting to join a cooking class not too long ago…maybe that’s something we can do together in the near future? Good luck…to both you and your hubby…who will HAVE to taste your dishes, hehehe! Love ya! :*


    1. Nothing a little Pepto can’t fix, right? 😉 Lol A cooking class together would be real fun! OCC has this knife/cutting skills class every semester through their community classes. I need to start from the basics haha! When the new flier comes out I’ll let you know about it and maybe we can do it together.


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