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Hot Pink Flowers & Meeting Someone New

I took these pictures when my husband and I went to the Huntington Library & Botanical Garden in Pasadena. What I loved about this tree, besides the beautiful color of the flowers themselves, was how short and yet grand it looked with its branches stretched out so. I imagined our bulldog Biggie would love this tree for the shade it provides and because it’s low to the ground and round like him. Here’s a close up of one of the flowers… 

I love looking back at this picture on my phone and admiring the color, the details, the presence of the flower. Looking at the flower this close up made me think of when you meet someone new. How at first you only see a flock of people who make up a larger whole, until one person in particular captures your eye. It’s only when you step closer that you’re able to appreciate their individual contribution.    


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