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Back to School

Last week I started a post that I never got around to finishing and while I first thought about just deleting it, I figired why not share it and then continue from where I left off, so here it goes…

Have you ever felt so utterly exhausted that you’re on the brink of tears? It’s like your body and mind just can’t handle anything more and needs to release some kind of emotion before hitting overload.

That’s me right now. I don’t even know how I’ll get through this post but I just had to put this out there.

After two semesters off to have our baby and have some bonding time with her, I started my first day of school today, 8-28-12. I’m only 7 classes away from getting my Sociology degree, that’s it. I decided to start off slow this semester and I’m taking two classes, and thank goodness for that.

But now I’m wondering, as I struggle to keep my eyes open at 9:30pm to read a chapter and finally decide to just give in to the exhaustion, how can I stay on top of my reading without the use of stimulants? Because I refuse to fall into the Monster, Redbull, Coffee habit…

That was as far as I got that evening. It’s interesting what a little time and perspective can do for me. I was feeling very overwhelmed that first week and when I’m that exhausted I tend to second guess and doubt what I’m capable of accomplishing.

What really helped me put things in perspective was when our professor had us introduce ourselves at our second class meeting. As people began to share I learned that there are quite a few people in my class that are also juggling with family, work, and life, and when I hear other people share similar stories it becomes like a motivational jump start for me. I realize that I can do this. Yes finding reading time is going to be tougher now with a baby, but not impossible, and to stay on track it means improving on my very bad procrastination issues. Since I don’t have tons of free time to spare, I’m smarter about what I do with my free time, and more disciplined.

It’s been two weeks into the semester and so far I’ve been making good progress. I just need to remember to take a step back when I’m overwhelmed and also give myself some breathing room.


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