CSULB - My College Experience

We Regret To Inform You

We regret to inform you…Those are five difficult words to read and digest, and I’ll be honest, it was a bummer to read those five words when I finally received the long awaited email from the Sociology Honors Program at Cal State Long Beach. A little less than a month ago I had decided, after receiving a few emails reminders from the Sociology… Continue reading We Regret To Inform You


CSULB - My College Experience


I am absolutely fascinated with my Modern Sociological Theory class at Cal State Long Beach. Specifically I am fascinated with what we’ve been reading from Pierre Bourdieu in his writing The Logic of Practice. I had a completely different post already started which I intended to finish up and publish today, but then today happened. Two weeks… Continue reading Habitus

CSULB - My College Experience

Just Two More Days Til My First Semester at CSU-Long Beach

Once again I’m posting real late in the day so I’m going to keep this short. Today was my Walking Tour at CSU-Long Beach and my husband was able to join me. I’m so happy I did the tour because it definitely helped calm my nerves a little knowing where my classes are going to be. … Continue reading Just Two More Days Til My First Semester at CSU-Long Beach