CSULB - My College Experience

We Regret To Inform You

Because what is life without a little bit of humor 😉

We regret to inform you…Those are five difficult words to read and digest, and I’ll be honest, it was a bummer to read those five words when I finally received the long awaited email from the Sociology Honors Program at Cal State Long Beach.

A little less than a month ago I had decided, after receiving a few emails reminders from the Sociology department, that I would give this program a shot and apply, even though I knew if I was placed in the program it would be a stressful final two semesters for me at school with the added work load. So I thought, what the heck, I couldn’t just let this go without trying and I had nothing to lose. Which is exactly what I need to remind myself of now that I have received confirmation that I wasn’t accepted into the program. You see a few years ago I would have let fear or self doubt convince me not to apply and so I am really proud of myself because I had the courage to not let the doubt and fears stop me, and in all honesty, I really have nothing to lose either way. If I had been accepted it would have been a cool new experience and something to add to my Sociology Degree (not to mention yes more stress ha-ha), but regardless of getting in or not, after this semester I am just three, yep, 3 glorious classes away from graduating and getting my B.A. Now that’s something to be proud of!

And the best thing of all is what I got out of this experience. You see, I made a very nice friend this semester, a girl that was actually in a class of mine last semester but we never became friends until I saw her in my Data Analysis class this semester. The day before the application was due for the Honors program I asked my friend if she knew about it and if she was applying, I had a feeling she definitely had the GPA requirement covered as well because she’s a bright girl. After a bit of chatting I convinced her to apply for the program and it was really sweet because she said I was like her little angel motivating her because she wasn’t even thinking about applying. And guess what? She got in!! I was so incredibly happy for her today and I told her it was going to be a truly awesome experience and I would just live it vicariously through her.

I feel like in the end I came out a winner. I stepped out of my comfort zone and had the courage to apply and even better yet, I truly could not be more happy that my friend ended up applying too and getting into the program. I truly believe and trust in the path that God is guiding me on and what I am learning about myself along the way. Plus, what a perk it is to know that once I write I always feel so much better!


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