CSULB - My College Experience

Like Fingers Wrapped Around My Neck

I should be working on my research paper that is due on Thursday but instead I am sitting here needing to write because I feel like the emotions I am having right now are like fingers wrapped around my neck, choking me slowly. I am almost scared to put this out there because I am… Continue reading Like Fingers Wrapped Around My Neck

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The joys of school

Do you remember those days in school or college when the professor would tell you that her/his tests are multiple choice and essay questions and nearly all the students would breathe a sigh of relief (and nearly cheer) at the words “multiple choice”? Well, I was not (am not) one of them. If there is… Continue reading The joys of school

CSULB - My College Experience

We Regret To Inform You

We regret to inform you…Those are five difficult words to read and digest, and I’ll be honest, it was a bummer to read those five words when I finally received the long awaited email from the Sociology Honors Program at Cal State Long Beach. A little less than a month ago I had decided, after receiving a few emails reminders from the Sociology… Continue reading We Regret To Inform You

CSULB - My College Experience

First Impressions and Unexpected Changes – CSULB

I’m beginning to feel the tiring effects of my first day of school and wanted to get this jotted down before I lose my momentum. My first day of classes at CSULB was (for the most part) splendid! Before I continue though I should probably start off by stating that I’m a Sociology major. I love learning about people and the effects of our… Continue reading First Impressions and Unexpected Changes – CSULB