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First Impressions and Unexpected Changes – CSULB

I’m beginning to feel the tiring effects of my first day of school and wanted to get this jotted down before I lose my momentum.

My first day of classes at CSULB was (for the most part) splendid! Before I continue though I should probably start off by stating that I’m a Sociology major. I love learning about people and the effects of our society on people. My first class was Social Psychology and I smiled when our Professor made it quite clear that we were not in for an easy ride and she would be holding us at the highest standard and teaching us as if we were at Harvard and expecting the same in return. Wow! I’m interested already. It was around that same time that she mentioned her teaching style would be a little bit different this semester and she would be incorporating debates. What?! I nearly stopped breathing. Hold on just one second. You see, like many other people in the world, I have a fear of public speaking. After I let that bit of information sink in I realized that this would be great for me because I needed this new experience and challenge.

From there I walked next door to my second class Aging & Society where I instantly liked our Professor, who I think may be Russian. While she was calling role I couldn’t help but think how the way she called each name sounded like a melody. She let us out early so rather than have a 1 hr 45 min break I was able to relax for 2 hrs and 15 minutes. By the time my next class rolled around I was ready to get started and this is where the unexpected change began.

As I’m sitting in my third class and as the clock gets closer to the hour I soon realize that this huge room for 50 people only has four other persons and myself in it. Hmmm, I know this building is a ways out, but it’s kind of odd that no one else has showed up, not even the Professor, and by now it’s 10 past the hour. One of the guys in the room (the only guy actually) decided to call the International Studies Dept and that’s when he told us the class had been cancelled. We sure didn’t get that memo. Three of us made our way to the Sociology Dept and sure enough we were told the class was cancelled. The good news is, if it worked with our schedule, we could take the same class Mon & Wed from 12:30p – 1:45pm. Darn it, it did work out, but so much for the nice break I had in between the four classes, now I would have 3 classes in a row then a 1hr 45min break until my last class Race, Class, & Gender at 3:30pm. Despite this little set back I was thankful they even had a backup time available for us.

By the time I made it to my last class (Race, Class, Gender) I was beginning to feel tired, which is a lot of what I’m feeling right now. I can’t help but think how this is goodbye to the care-free-no-responsibility days during winter break. Now it’s time to hit the books and make it a great semester. As expected I’m getting really tired and delirious and the last thing I was to do is type something that will make no sense to anyone but myself. Good night all!


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