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Wandering Thoughts

It’s pretty amazing to me how one small little thought in our minds has the capacity to spread out all over the place like a meticulously created web that traps you in. My husband and I were talking about it this morning and he gave me a perfect example of exactly this kind of thought process. He said it’s like this Zen cast he had been… Continue reading Wandering Thoughts



Today my husband and I baptized my cousin’s daughter, Miranda, with her boyfriend/partner. My mom and cousin did such an exceptional job with the decorating, organizing, and food. I’ll share some pictures tomorrow, especially the ones of me dressing Miry because I have nearly no experience with this and thankfully Miry was very cooperative with… Continue reading Godparents


Napping On A Cobblestone Floor and More Explorations

My dogs are barking! We have done so much walking and exploring between yesterday and today that my calves are sore. The good thing is we’ve also been taking a lot of breaks in between and I’ve even napped on a cobblestone floor on the Ile St. Louis overlooking the Seine River while my husband… Continue reading Napping On A Cobblestone Floor and More Explorations