Traveling And Appreciating What You Have

After a long day of travel my husband and I got home last night at 10pm, exhausted and so happy to walk through our door and get that feeling of home. I can’t even explain it but maybe some of you have felt it, it’s like a loving hug.

Our flight from Paris to Los Angeles was direct and I think the eleven hours felt a little longer than usual because unfortunately we couldn’t get seats together, atleast we were just sitting one behind the other so we were able to talk occasionally through the teeny slit between seats. Plus there was some excitement at Charles De Gaulle Airport before our flight. Someone left behind their luggage in the front area before the gate entrance and so they had to block that area and we all waited around wondering how long it would take for them to clear the incident and whether our flight would be cancelled. Well the next thing we know they make an announcement to cover our ears (this can’t be a good sign haha) and then we hear a loud boom. Sounds like someone’s underroos ended up all over the airport and everyone clapped once the abandoned luggage had been exploded and we could all finally pass through the gates. Los Angeles wasn’t any easier, once we got to baggage claim it became a chaotic mess of a massive unorganized line wrapping around the luggage conveyor area and people getting frustrated and wanting to cut to the front of the line claiming they didn’t know where the line started.

Despite all this we were SO happy to be home. Paris was a wonderful experience and such a fantastic trip and we got to see so many beautiful places, parks, historical sites. In the end though adjusting to the change in food became a little hard and I was having dreams of tacos and other yummy stuff. Today my husband and I were talking about how traveling is so much fun and at the same time it makes you appreciate the things you have back home, like American food! We usually stay away from fast food but today we just couldn’t deny ourselves some Taco Bell for lunch and at that moment nothing could have tasted any better, it was so sinfully delicious. We also missed our big boy Biggie and picked him up at the boarding/vet place today. He’s been a little tired today though because he had a tiny little growth on the front side of his leg and so they removed that today and he’s been mostly resting. I’m sure tomorrow he’ll be back to his usual playful self.

It feels awesome to be home (even though I’m feeling real tired right now) and I’m just so thankful that we had the opportunity to take this trip, that everything went well, and I feel like I can’t thank God enough for what we have here at home, our family and friends and our sweet little bully.


2 thoughts on “Traveling And Appreciating What You Have

    1. Thanks! I agree with you, coming home is the best feeling. I think I’m finally almost adjusting and getting back into the rhythm of things.


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