Napping On A Cobblestone Floor and More Explorations

My dogs are barking! We have done so much walking and exploring between yesterday and today that my calves are sore. The good thing is we’ve also been taking a lot of breaks in between and I’ve even napped on a cobblestone floor on the Ile St. Louis overlooking the Seine River while my husband listened to music. I felt like a true Parisien, or maybe this is only what crazy tourists do? 😉 Not possible. We have done a lot!

We climbed to the top of the Arc De Triomphe and gave each other a kiss, walked down small little streets admiring old French buildings and boutiques, visited beautiful parks, and lit little candles at various cathedrals. There are so many beautiful places in Paris that I feel we are just scratching the surface. It has been such a wonderful vacation, we don’t even worry about the time and just let our tummies tell us when its time to eat or me when it’s time to rest.

My husband has been such a wonderful tour guide and I thank God for every single moment he is giving us and for all our blessings. I’m so thankful that we got to take this vacation. I love this feeling when you’re on vacation, you just let go of the the commitments back home and enjoy your time away. I think one of my favorite things when eating here in Paris is how much we enjoy a meal & conversation, there is no rush to eat, pay, and go.

Well my tummy is starting to growl which means its time for dinner. Until later…

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4 thoughts on “Napping On A Cobblestone Floor and More Explorations

  1. I’m so happy you’re having fun!! Why am I not surprised you guys are walking so much? Lol. Take care of yourselves. Tell Gero I said Bonjour!


  2. i miss you beans. i’m glad you’re having such a wonderful time. sounds like a beautiful belated “honeymoon” vacation! ❤


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