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Let me tell you about Montecito

For the past nine years now we have been spending our summers at Montecito Sequoia Lodge, located in the Sequoia National Forest. This is probably my favorite place to visit every single year because to me it feels like a true vacation and I think I will rave about this place until the day I… Continue reading Let me tell you about Montecito

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Montecito in the snow

Have I told you guys recently about Montecito Sequoia Lodge? I’m pretty sure I probably mentioned this place in a previous post; it holds such a special spot in our heart and is such a gem, it bears mentioning again. My husband happened to stumble upon Montecito Sequoia Lodge nine years ago when he was… Continue reading Montecito in the snow

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The beginning of a family tradition

Montecito Sequioa Lodge was everything and more. I loved it for its comfortable simplicity and reminder of what’s truly beautiful in life. Family. Connection. Nature. No TV. No internet.  As we began our departure from Orange County and 45 minutes into our 7 hour car drive we heard Celeste’s voice from the back seat “why… Continue reading The beginning of a family tradition

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In search of wildflowers: Don’t blame the Toms 

Last I left off we were in Borrego Springs, the kind of place that is so remote and small that you intentionally have to be going there. It’s not somewhere you happen to stop by on your way to your real destination. And don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful slow moving quiet place, the… Continue reading In search of wildflowers: Don’t blame the Toms 


Napping On A Cobblestone Floor and More Explorations

My dogs are barking! We have done so much walking and exploring between yesterday and today that my calves are sore. The good thing is we’ve also been taking a lot of breaks in between and I’ve even napped on a cobblestone floor on the Ile St. Louis overlooking the Seine River while my husband… Continue reading Napping On A Cobblestone Floor and More Explorations


The Travel Bug Is Lurking

I am itching to escape and travel somewhere with my husband. We were talking about this on Sunday, how great it would be to visit Japan. Neither of us has ever been. We just need to plan around our school schedule because we can only really enjoy time off during Spring break otherwise we’ll need to wait until the semester ends to… Continue reading The Travel Bug Is Lurking