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In search of wildflowers: Don’t blame the Toms 

Last I left off we were in Borrego Springs, the kind of place that is so remote and small that you intentionally have to be going there. It’s not somewhere you happen to stop by on your way to your real destination. And don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful slow moving quiet place, the kind of place to relax and give your body a chance to detox from the busy city life. 

So when my husband showed me the Google picture of the desert filled with beautiful multi colored wild flowers, and yes in my rush and chaos of packing the morning of, the only shoes I grabbed were my sparkly Toms. Here’s a Google pic of them: 


They are super comfy and I love walking in them. As in walking around the lake of our community, the mall, the park, or just out and about. NOT walking in them in the middle of the desert, on a slight incline, on a warm (but thankfully breezy mid morning) over rocks and narrow trails – with our 3 year old in tow and our 2 month old strapped in the Ergo. 

My husband kind of underestimated the mile and a quarter hike he read about. And trust me, it was not a “get me winded” kind of hike. That was not the problem. Nor was it my Sparkle Toms, although yes I will admit they were a bad choice pair of shoes to take. Again, I didn’t envision hiking in them. I envisioned strolling of some sort. You know, here’s the desert, there are the wild flowers, snap snap pictures.

The problem is, what we could do as a couple pre-babies is very different now with a 3 year old and a 2 month old. There are limitations and concerns that come into play. You know, like heat, exhaustion and  the risk of dehydration. And C did great, she walked the entire mile out there, then had to be carried back the entire way back by my husband. Although the hike turned into a rocky experience, pun intended, all in all the two days out there were fun and a good experience and lesson in trust, communication, and stubbornness. At the end of the day we survived. 

Here’s some of our memorable pictures: 

The start of the trail, C was a total trooper


The next pics are of a trail right outside the Visitor Center that we got to explore – and more doable with two young kids and yes my Toms – ha!





And these were some cool animal statues: 

Okay how cool is my kid?! She did this pose all on her own.  My little warrior! 





Unfortunately there weren’t many wild flowers left, but we did get these shots. It’s amazing these flowers bloom in this kind of condition. A beauty of nature.  



While the trip definitely had its challenges and at times our stress level was up, it was time well enjoyed together. It reminded us that things will be okay and that mishaps will happen and that’s alright. 

I look forward to the next one, with the proper shoes of course, and a better mind set (sweetie) on what we can do based on the age of our girls. 😉 


2 thoughts on “In search of wildflowers: Don’t blame the Toms 

  1. Ok- Your three year old is a rockstar. My kid walks four blocks and freaks out about fatigue. That place looks drop dead gorgeous! What a fun family thing to do! I never seem to have the right shoes for the occasion either. Reminds of when I chose to wear stilettos walking down the aisle (made of grass) at my wedding……


    1. She really is, I’m amazed by her. Although the funny thing is we’ll go to Costco and she wants a stroller, yet she sees a desert trail and she’s like game on! It was truly a gorgeous place and a memorable and fun family time. Stilettos down the grass aisle, I love it! Thanks so much for the comment!

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