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Change Of Plans

A week ago today, before all the devastating events that happened in Japan, I had posted that my husband and I had booked our trip to Tokyo & Kyoto and how excited we were to finally be visiting Japan. With everything that’s been going on, especially all the recent explosions and radiation leaks, it looks like we’re going to be postponing our trip. Maybe we’ll be able to go in a few months, in the meantime though we’ll need to make other plans.  

My heart goes out to all the people of Japan and I  pray that there are no more disasters so they can begin to recover from the tremendous loss of people and the destruction to their cities. It’s times like this that make you realize how thankful we should be for having a roof over our heads and our health. It also makes you think about being prepared should something as devastating as what happened to Japan happen here in CA. Although what happened to Japan is thousands of miles away, mother nature can happen anywhere at any given time and although we can’t control situations we can at least be better prepared, and I for one know that we could really improve our emergency/safety procedures here in our home.

As far as our vacation plans, we aren’t sure yet what we’ll be doing for spring break, maybe visiting some of our National Parks or visiting some other city here in the U.S.


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