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Fresh Air, And Why Exposing Your Booty In The Woods Is Usually Not A Good Idea

Today was a really great day. After my husband and I went to church we decided to go for a leisure walk over at the Back Bay in Newport Beach and take advantage of the nice weather. It was great to be outside and enjoy each other’s company and laugh at our stories. I also love to see all the people exercising or walking their dogs, we even saw a man walking his english bulldog, a real handsome boy he was (the dog). As we were walking I started to remember some of the hikes my husband and I did in 2007, I think that was the year that we did the most hikes. I can’t remember the name of all the places we went to but I thought I’d share some of the pics here. It’s so nice to remember these past experiences and smile at some of the things we’ve done or seen. I love that the weather is warming up and with the time change that we can enjoy being outside more.  I didn’t find as many pictures as I thought I’d find on our laptop but here’s a few that I like.


This was in Monrovia Canyon, a really pretty and moderate hike. We hiked it once just the two of us and then on this occasion I remember going with my husband’s family.

Here’s a shot of the creek at Fisherman’s Camp, just behind our camp site. This was my first hike-in camp with my husband. I remember it was 4th of july weekend and hearing the fireworks from far away. Plus I have a funny story with this place. I can’t see a thing without my contacts/glasses and in the middle of the night I had to pee really bad but couldn’t find my glasses and I didn’t want to walk the distance to the outhouse so I asked my husband to just keep watch while I walked a little ways out from our tent to do my deed. It was a full moon that night so thankfully it wasn’t pitch black outside but dark enough where I wanted to just get out there, do my thing, and rush back to the tent. There I was mid squat and just about done when all of a sudden I felt something tap my bare booty!! I completely freaked out, yelled, and ran as fast as I could to the tent haha. I never did find out what it was that tapped me but I think it was just a bug that was flying about and happened to crash into my bare booty. Not sure who was more scared at that moment, the bug or me. All I know is my heart was racing and afterward I couldn’t stop laughing about it!  

This was from Point Lobos State Park in Carmel. That trip to Carmel ranks as one of my all time favorites.  

I love this picture, I took it during our hike at Julia Pfeiffer State Park


2 thoughts on “Fresh Air, And Why Exposing Your Booty In The Woods Is Usually Not A Good Idea

  1. I walk a lot every day and one of my motivators is looking forward to long hikes in the countryside.
    Many people have no idea of the true beauty of the natural world – because they never go more than a few steps from their car.
    Your photos are a lovely reminder of what’s out there.
    (And your story a reminder of the down side of the great outdoors – lol).


    1. I know exactly what you mean and I tell that to my husband too when we’re out enjoying the great outdoors, how so many people look at the mountains and don’t even realize the beauty that’s out there. Thanks for your comment, I can’t wait to check out your blog.


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