Connected, in Paris

Figured out how to connect to our hotel’s free WiFi, woohoo! It’s Sunday here in Paris and my husband and I are relaxing in our room before starting the day. We’re staying at this really cute and Eco friendly hotel named Eiffel Seine which is like 5 minutes walking distance to the Eiffel Tower.

It’s been a wonderful first two days in Paris! Our first day here, Friday, we took a boat ride on the Seine in the evening and learned about the different bridges and landmark buildings around the Seine. This city is so beautiful and full of so much history! I wish I could share some pictures on here but they’re all on our regular camera so will need to wait until we get back. We also saw the light show of the Eiffel Tower which neither of us had seen before. Beautiful!

Yesterday we spent the day at Versailles, at the Chateau. We decided to go with a guided tour of the inside of the castle and it was well worth the money. I can’t even begin to describe the decoration and furniture inside, I don’t believe I’ve ever been somewhere with so much elaborate and excessive decor, it truly is something astonishing to look at. After the inside tour we were exhausted and all I could think of was sleep haha. My husband found this little picnic/rest area off to the side of the castle, it was like a little tent with a bunch of picnic tables. Thankfully no one else was there and since I was too tired to take another step down to the lake, we each laid down on a bench and took a power nap.

When we woke up we decided to go to the lake area and wow! Beautiful is an understatement. The lake area was by far our favorite part of the castle. There were a bunch of people relaxing on the grass area, riding rental bikes, or enjoying a boat ride on the lake that you paddled yourself. We found a spot and took another nap. Wait before you think, damn all they do is sleep, it had been about another 20 min trek from where we were just to the lake grounds so a nap was necessary. Versailles is massive! After that little break we rented our own paddle boat and enjoyed 30 minutes out there. We had such a great time at Versailles!

Well that’s all for today. Au revoir, for now!

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