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It’s the little moments

November and December always tend to feel like a blur of celebrations and days to get through. The start of the Fall and the months leading to Christmas and New Years are always a busy time for the hubby and he tends to get force hired at work a lot. I was almost certain he… Continue reading It’s the little moments


Life · Motherhood · Parenthood

Juggling adulting and parenting

So these are bits and pieces from a conversation I’m having this morning with my dearest cousin and it prompted me to share on here with you all. cousin: so wtf is going on with yo? you? why the disorganized feeling? LOL me: i don’t know!!! LOL. i feel tired today. i feel like i need a… Continue reading Juggling adulting and parenting

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Marriage – all about seasons 

  At my bridal shower there was a little notebook passed around for my friends and family to write tips and advice for me. I’ll always remember what my then future sis in law Michelle wrote…”You will go through so many different seasons together. There will be times you will be so in sync, everything… Continue reading Marriage – all about seasons