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It really is all about the small things 


God never ceases to amaze me. 

In the midst of the chaos that is being a parent, God always finds a way to remind me of what a blessing it is to have that chaos. 

I am so thankful for all those moments that God makes sure I’m not distracted and I am able to fully process what a beautiful blessing it is to be a mom. 

Yesterday morning while I was getting ready for work I heard our oldest daughter tell her Papa she wanted him to read her a book. I could hear my husband reading a book about what to expect when the baby comes home. It was one of those “I’m a big sister” books. I smiled as I listened from the restroom where I was getting ready and as I finished up and walked into the bedroom I stopped in my tracks. There was my husband sitting on our bed with Celeste leaning up against him and our 3 month old being supported upright in his other arm while he read out loud to both of them. They were both fully absorbed in that moment with their Papa. My heart swelled with happiness! 

What’s funny is right before that moment as I was in the restroom putting away my morning ritual makeup stuff, I looked around the bathroom and saw a stuffed bunny, our baby’s little owl rattle, and some other random toys. As I was about to pick them up and take them to their appropriate spot, I just stopped and laughed. And as cliche as it will sound I seriously thought, I welcome this because one day there won’t be toys in random places all over our home. 

I am so grateful for all those moments in which God fills our lives with such good things. Yes there are days that are exhausting and overwhelming, yet even in the midst of chaos, worries, and troubles, there is always a moment that reminds me to be thankful. 


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