To all the brave and beautiful  mommies – Happy Mother’s Day 

I went to sleep feeling completely exhausted and unfortunately it hasn’t been an easy night. Somewhere between the 3rd or 5th time being woken up by our crying 3 1/2 year old, I thought of Mother’s Day and of my mom. 

I did a little Google search and found this:

And of course being sleep deprived I felt myself feeling a bit emotional. Emotional because I thought of all that my mom has done for me, for my dad and brother. Of all the love, joy, and pain her heart has held. And I thought of how here I am barely getting started and all that lays ahead. I am reminded of my mom’s love, strength and courage throughout the years and how thankful I am to God for having chosen her as the foundation of our family. 

And so I think of all us mommies that are working so hard and trying our best to be the mom that God created us to be and using the tools he gave us to carry us through the beautiful and difficult moments. I think of how brave, strong, and beautiful we each are and how we will make mistakes and that’s okay, because it is not perfection we are after, it is love and grace. 

Happy Mother’s Day


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