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Decide to try new things

One of my favorite teachers in High School was Mr. Lynn. He was the tennis coach and he taught Geometry and Chemistry. I loved his grandpa look with the white hair and white beard and mustache. I can still picture exactly how he would lean into the center table of his classroom, half sitting on… Continue reading Decide to try new things


To all the brave and beautiful  mommies – Happy Mother’s Day 

I went to sleep feeling completely exhausted and unfortunately it hasn’t been an easy night. Somewhere between the 3rd or 5th time being woken up by our crying 3 1/2 year old, I thought of Mother’s Day and of my mom.  I did a little Google search and found this:    And of course being… Continue reading To all the brave and beautiful  mommies – Happy Mother’s Day 

CSULB - My College Experience

We Regret To Inform You

We regret to inform you…Those are five difficult words to read and digest, and I’ll be honest, it was a bummer to read those five words when I finally received the long awaited email from the Sociology Honors Program at Cal State Long Beach. A little less than a month ago I had decided, after receiving a few emails reminders from the Sociology… Continue reading We Regret To Inform You