Don’t go through life with your breaks on 

I love this video. Actually it’s more the audio. When I listen to it I place my phone face down and close my eyes so that I can focus fully on the words. 

Mindshift – a motivational video
I first heard this audio from my coach in one of the challenge groups I was doing. It took me hearing it a few times before the words really sunk in and I felt the power of so many of the phrases. 

Maybe you’ll hear it and roll your eyes. I get it. Its hard to leave the comfort of what you know. To take that leap of faith and take a chance on whatever project, dream, new thing you’ve been meaning to try. But it’s true what they say, nothing great ever happens in comfort zones. Imagine if you tried your true potential. If you spread your wings and truly used all that God given potential. If you didn’t let fear or comfort or the doubts of others that have given up on their own dreams influence your desire to venture out and discover. Can you imagine? 

I get it. I have been filled with fear so many times. And yet, so many other times I pushed past the fear and doubt and experienced some amazing growth. 

What is it that is out there calling you to try? What if you didn’t just sit on it and instead you gave it a shot? Can you imagine? 


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