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Love, blessings, and exercise 

That run and bike combo really did me well because I was sure running on some pretty fantastic exercise endorphins yesterday. 

Maybe it’s a combination of truly feeling blessed by the family I have and the encouragement I get to workout and the feeling of accomplishment that settled in me after getting it done, but yesterday I was riding a beautiful wave of just happy. 

I’ve had several days like that and I sometimes wonder in the midst of the really good ones what it is that made it that way. Because unfortunately not all moments in a day feel fantastic. Yesterday was filled with the usual: part time work, pick up the girls, get home and then making lunch, picking up, washing dishes, doing laundry etc. 

The secret ingredient though was enjoyment. I enjoyed every little part of the day. I enjoyed cooking lunch (despite my lack of love for the kitchen). I enjoyed doing the laundry, picking up the girls mess, the surprise of finding our 2 year old had used chalk on our sofa! 

Enjoyment mixed in with feeling blessed and also knowing that I had a fantastic workout. It reminds me there’s many things I can rock. Just like there’s many things that cause things to get a bit crummy, but you take the good with the not so good moments and you’ve got yourself a pretty damn good life. 


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