The Triathlon

The Triathlon: First combo 

I asked my husband today how he thought I should approach my training for the triathlon. Should I just start combining running and cycling? He said he read my post about feeling the nervous butterflies and yes that I should start there because water is my element so the run and cycling is what I should build on. 
And then he suggested we start today. To just get up and do it. Which is so true. Thinking doesn’t get you there or to the results, action does. And I love when he’s there to support me and offers to get the girls together so they can all encourage me. 

Since nothing with a toddler ever takes a few minutes, by the time I was ready to start my run it was getting pretty late so we decided to have me run and bike around our neighborhood. 

While he followed along with the girls in the burley he said I should run about 10 minutes and then hop on my bike and ride for 20 minutes. 

I ended up running a mile for 11:50 minutes and then cycling 3.17 miles for 19 minutes. My first time ever doing the combo and it felt great. 

I can feel my legs tired right now as I rest here typing, and I’m excited. Because ever since that workout I feel like I’m holding onto a special secret. I did my first combo. I know I can do this. I have to start somewhere and that somewhere started today. I feel proud knowing that my husband encourages me and that today my girls watched me run and then ride together. 

When I first started my run, our oldest girl (5 y/o) insisted on getting out of the burley because she wanted to run with me. She ran alongside me for a nice stretch. Words fail to describe how proud I felt in that moment. To be that role model for them is indescribable happiness. 

Today was day one. I will get there. 


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