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Reaching up for fresh air 

It has been an exciting last few days! 

We went camping this past weekend at Sweetwater County Park in Bonita, CA. 

The trip was planned somewhat spur of the moment when my cousin reminded me that her daughter still kept asking when we were going to go camping and take them with us. My cousin had this specific weekend off so I did some checking around and we landed this sweet spot. My cousin and her daughter had never been camping and since we love to camp, well, we were at the top of her list. 

We lucked out with beautiful 80 degree weather and even a nice cool breeze. Plus this camp site has an awesome aquatic playground just perfect for our girls, our  18 mth old and 4 1/2 year old girl, and my cousin’s 5 1/2 year old. Smores were the highlight of the trip and the girls had so much fun scarfing down those goodies and then setting up shop on the picnic table to lay down and star gaze. 

Being away from the hussle of the daily to do’s from back home was exactly what I needed. It just feels so refreshing to be out camping without anywhere to be or without the reminder of something needing to get done. Camping is all about relaxing and just enjoying each moment. And best of all just having conversations with each other. Connecting. It’s so easy to forget that calm feeling when you’re doing life day to day, and so to go back out and camp always reminds me of the true important moments in life and to take each one in. 

On our way back home we stopped at Waterfront Park and had some more fun. This place is an amazing gem. There are so many climbing activities for the kids and then the huge water feature where the kids can just lay on the floor and feel the coolness of the water, well you just can’t beat that. 

I felt rejuvenated when we finally made it home and the following day I had such a light and positive feeling, I carried that with me into work b

And then tonight I got to enjoy dinner with some of my favorite previous coworkers and it was just a fun night of laughter, sharing, and insights. 

I’m reminded of how blessed we are and to always have faith in God’s way. 


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