Continue to scroll or get up and go! 

So it’s no secret that I’m not guaranteed to feel rested when I wake up in the morning, not since having our first kid anyway. 

Many mornings I have a similar conversation with myself. I hear the alarm on my phone go off and this is what happens… 

Hit snooze. 

God I feel so tired. 

I should get up. I put the alarm for a reason. 


(Walk to the restroom with phone in hand)

And the first thing I do while sitting in the restroom is scroll my phone. Yep, you got it, Facebook feeds, pictures on Instagram. And then the following conversation happens… 

What was the point of getting up early? To sit here and do this?

Just change and do your workout. 

But I’m tired. Maybe I can do it after work. 

(I quickly remember I have two kids and a husband home)

Shoot I’ve been wasting all this time here. And now it’s past my “safe time” – you know, that time on the clock where I know I have enough time to workout, get ready, prep everyone and leave on time. 

And as I’m scrolling I see posts and videos about people working out. And I click on one from my favorite trainers and suddenly 

Get up and do your workout!

I have this type of relationship with working out. And I know what I’m going to feel later if I don’t do it. Icky and frustrated. Because I want to work out but sometimes the scrolling and excuses get the best of me. And I know if I just get my clothes on and turn on the DVD, in 30 minutes I will be so thankful I didn’t just sit on my ass and scroll the minutes away. 

It’s not easy for me but I remind myself, “my desire to change must be greater than my desire to stay the same!”

So I get up and go. 


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