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My favorite moment – kite flying 

I’m not going to lie, motherhood / parenthood is filled with a ton of not so great moments that no other parent or book could possibly describe to you as well as actually living through it. At times it’s madness. “Pull out my hair” is an expression that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface.… Continue reading My favorite moment – kite flying 

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Lights Out!

What an experience these past 4 days turned out to be! When my husband told me he had booked us a cabin for our camping trip, this is what I envisioned in my mind Not so much all the nice furniture, but definitely along the lines of electricity, heating system, and although I didn’t go… Continue reading Lights Out!

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One with Nature

We are going camping this weekend!!! Can you tell I’m excited? I had never been camping until I met my husband, and I do mean the sleep in a tent and bundle up in your sleeping bag camping kind of thing. I remember the first time my husband took me camping to Joshua Tree National… Continue reading One with Nature

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There are no negative gears

We were all set to go and had everything planned for our outing. My husband had finally bought Celeste, our 15 month old daughter, her weeride bike seat attachment so that we could finally take her on a bike ride. So while she was taking her nap this morning he got that thing all set… Continue reading There are no negative gears