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My favorite moment – kite flying 

I’m not going to lie, motherhood / parenthood is filled with a ton of not so great moments that no other parent or book could possibly describe to you as well as actually living through it. At times it’s madness. “Pull out my hair” is an expression that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. Your patience is tested to the extreme and then some. 

For all those moments there are also some amazing moments where I think “thank you Lord. Thank you for letting me esperience this.” 

So I got this question from Dr. Meg Meeker’s Facebook feed… 

What was your favorite moment this weekend? 

I knew the answer instantly. 

We went to the Free Kite Festival outside Segestrom Center for the Arts yesterday. We walked around the different tables to check out the different crafts where Celesfe decorated a visor and then we made our way to a spot on the grass to watch the kite flying. My husband made a quick trip home and picked up the kite we had for Celeste.
To watch my husband showing Celeste how to fly the kite and seeing the huge smile on her face as she held that handle and saw the kite soar in the sky was one of those awesome movements. I couldn’t take enough pictures. I felt like a little kid as she waved at me and gave a thumps up and as I saw the smile on my husband’s face my heart felt full of joy. 

And then I got my chance at flying the kite. My husband took the time to show me and I laughed like a little girl as it flew then began to take a nose dive. At one point he stepped away to go see our girls and I got the kite to go up, up high and I felt so happy to be doing it on my own. It was magical. 

Here are a few of my favorite pictures… My husband is in the white tee and Celeste is wearing the animal print dress…and that’s our hello kitty kite 🙂 

What was your favorite moment from this weekend? 


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