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Montecito in the snow

Have I told you guys recently about Montecito Sequoia Lodge? I’m pretty sure I probably mentioned this place in a previous post; it holds such a special spot in our heart and is such a gem, it bears mentioning again. My husband happened to stumble upon Montecito Sequoia Lodge nine years ago when he was… Continue reading Montecito in the snow

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Nashville or bust! (And the value of good friends)

The weekend of April 27th came and went and brought with it so many awesome adventures! Before I get into the details of it all I must say this…the biggest take away I would love for you to get is this: treasure your friendships. If you have a group of friends that you hang out… Continue reading Nashville or bust! (And the value of good friends)

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Short flights aren’t always easier

As I’m writing this we are above 30,000 feet in the air flying back home from Mexico to Los Angeles. Diary of a Wimpy Kid something something is playing on the overhead monitors and I feel like I’m living my own version on flight. Let’s see we are about 1.5 hours into the flight and… Continue reading Short flights aren’t always easier

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Summer adventures at the lake 

We’ve been camping at Shaver Lake in the Sierra National Forest since last Wednesday and I could not feel more blessed.  We are here with five other colleague’s of my husband, each here with their family. Two of these colleagues are my husband’s closest friends. The campsite is filled with kids and my heart is… Continue reading Summer adventures at the lake 

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My favorite moment – kite flying 

I’m not going to lie, motherhood / parenthood is filled with a ton of not so great moments that no other parent or book could possibly describe to you as well as actually living through it. At times it’s madness. “Pull out my hair” is an expression that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface.… Continue reading My favorite moment – kite flying 

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4 of my favorite childhood memories 

 When I saw this picture it brought back so many great memories from my childhood, especially 4 of the images in particular, and I smiled because it makes me grateful to be a 70’s child.  I still can’t believe to this day that my dad bought us an encyclopedia collection from a door to… Continue reading 4 of my favorite childhood memories 

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Pictures and their secrets

I love to look at old pictures. I was going through some pictures from the last few years, of different hiking trips, vacation spots, and times spent with family and friends. I love to take pictures because they’re such a wonderful reminder of things that we’ve lived through and most of all I love that when I… Continue reading Pictures and their secrets