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Nashville or bust! (And the value of good friends)

The weekend of April 27th came and went and brought with it so many awesome adventures!

Before I get into the details of it all I must say this…the biggest take away I would love for you to get is this: treasure your friendships. If you have a group of friends that you hang out with that you love, that have seen you through seasons of life, treasure them. Make it a point to get together and spend time with them.

I know it isn’t always feasible (or maybe it’s not your thing and that is totally okay too!), if however it is and you can take time away to be with them, do it. Relax and enjoy and treasure the time that you have to leave your responsibilities and duties behind for a moment. Treasure that time with your friends, treasure your quirks, their quirks, and how it all comes together to create some of the most beautiful memories.

I’m not gonna lie, it was not easy leaving my two girls. Responsibilities aside (all the prepping for them and me pre-trip), I was quite a mess the week leading up to the great getaway. I started to worry about what if something happened to me, what if I died? Would my girls know me, would they remember me, would the people that know me remind them of the kind of person that I was. Yeah, I know, but that’s the kind of craziness that crosses my mind now that I have kids.

All those thoughts said and done, I am so thankful for the weekend my girl friends and I had together.

So, Nashville or bust. You would not believe the comical take off we had. It started with a delayed flight due to fog. The initial plan had been to depart and make it to our connection flight in San Francisco where we would join our friend (the birthday girl!) and then all of 5 of us would fly into Nashville. But then San Francisco fog happened!

When we finally departed we got to San Francisco with 15 minutes to make it to the gate. We were all hopeful, until we found out that our plane had been assigned to the exact same gate our connection plane was waiting to depart from. Haha! Yep, what are the odds, right?! Thankfully we were placed on a different flight connecting us to Houston, and then from there another plane would take us to Nashville.

This is me just before departing San Francisco. Still smiling despite the news below!

We get on the plane destined to take us to Houston and suddenly we are being told the captain is missing and they’ve called in a replacement!! Wait, what?! Yeah, that happened. By this point we have been switching planes for 6 hours.

We finally make it to Houston with just enough time to run to our gate and be the last people to board. Let me just say, thank God we all had carry ons!

We made it into Nashville at 10:30p after over 12 hours of visiting different airports. But that didn’t stop us from enjoying our first day in!

I had no idea but apparently Nashville is the new Las Vegas. Broadway is the main bar and live music street. The locals are super sweet! That first night we went to a place called Rippy’s where we devoured appetizers, had some drinks, and listened to some live music. So fun! We ended up walking up and down Broadway and finally made it back to the hotel at 2am! The best part is the next day we got to sleep in late!

This was us at a local bar that first night. Not bad for being awake over 16 hours, eh?

On Saturday we enjoyed breakfast at The Stillery. A local gal we ran into Friday night as we left our hotel told us she worked there and to go there for brunch. We made sure to take tons of pics of each other because we always forget! The birthday girl is the one with the sun glasses on.

We were craving something sweet so we walked on over to Gigi’s Cupcakes. A little bite size cupcake to calm the sweet tooth.

Then we took an Uber to the Music Hall of Fame where I took a picture with this plaque of my all time favorite George Strait.

Then we headed back to the hotel to take a break before going out later that night to The Listening Room. Which is where song writers tell you the story behind their songs that have been made famous by country stars. This was a very cool experience, especially since I love to hear the story behind the music. The nice thing about the break at the hotel is I got some much needed quiet down time. I watched a bit of a movie and took a nap too.

On Sunday we are at The Geist and then took this NashTrash tour.

Unfortunately our birthday girl ended up having to book a flight to leave Sunday evening instead of Monday morning with us because her little boy had gotten progressively worse with stomach problems.

We had planned to take her to a nice dinner that evening but since we ended up canceling that reservation, this happened instead…

We got tickets to Playoff Game 2 of Nashville Predators vs The Jets!! It was AWESOME!!!! Carrie Underwood sang The Star Spangled Banner and the game was 4 hours of pure thrills. They went into double OT and won!!

The weekend was wonderful! In between all that fun there were tons of laughs, raw talks, encouragement, support, and just sharing stories, anecdotes and remembering past experiences together. We were just 5 Gals enjoying each other’s company. Making more memories.

I felt refueled and ready to go back home and hugs my husband and my girls. ❤️


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