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Pictures and their secrets

I love to look at old pictures.

I was going through some pictures from the last few years, of different hiking trips, vacation spots, and times spent with family and friends. I love to take pictures because they’re such a wonderful reminder of things that we’ve lived through and most of all I love that when I look at old pictures I’ll get a sudden flashback and I can remember the feeling I had in that particular picture or something specific that was going on that day and it’s like unwrapping a little secret from the picture. Something special that goes beyond just the image itself.

I ran across an album of a little mini trip that two of my friends and I took to Vegas in March of 2010 and I couldn’t help but think how a year later I found out I was pregnant, and what a beautiful experience it’s been so far. Today my husband and I were looking at pictures from our Paris trip from March of this year and I smiled because for a stranger looking at those pictures, they would just see us so happy and all the beautiful places we visited, they wouldn’t know however that I was already 7 weeks pregnant and only my husband and immediate family/close friends knew. They also wouldn’t know that I slept at almost every single park that my husband and I visited haha, oh and yes even on a cobblestone street overlooking the Seine River. That’s what I love about pictures, the secrets they hold and all the changes that occur.

Sometimes when I look back and see pictures of family and friends I wonder what it is they were feeling at that moment or what event was going on in their life that was occupying their thoughts. It’s so mysterious and intriguing to me, that unknown. Maybe that’s a weird thing about me. Most of all though seeing pictures makes me happy because it reminds me of things or events that we sometimes forget about.

I want to get better about creating albums too because now with technology we just have everything saved on our laptop and there’s something so nice about flipping through a tangible album and seeing and feeling the image. I miss that.


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