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Summer adventures at the lake 

We’ve been camping at Shaver Lake in the Sierra National Forest since last Wednesday and I could not feel more blessed. 

We are here with five other colleague’s of my husband, each here with their family. Two of these colleagues are my husband’s closest friends. The campsite is filled with kids and my heart is full of joy. 

I see our girls running around, making new friends, sliding down dirt hills, playing with a teeter totter made from a large tree branch, coming running to me with faces covered in dirt, and I feel blessed. 

Yesterday I paddle boarded for the first time ever. Adrienne turned and said we’re going paddling boarding and before I knew it I was in the water trying to figure out which board would be mine. We went far! All the way around to the other side of this huge lake. I did pretty much all the ride upright on my knees. There was a section where I thought okay I’m going to try and stand up. As I started to make my way up I could feel myself getting nervous and my legs shaking like a leaf. As I gained my balance and stood I was amazed I was paddling and not falling over. Then I got more of the shakes. I started to say softly I’ve got this, just help me God. And I lasted a few seconds longer when all of a sudden I could feel myself losing my balance and then suddenly I was falling back and getting sucked in the water. I closed my eyes tight because of my contacts and then just swam my way upward. That second where I fell in and the water pulled me in felt like a warm welcome embrace. Like a where have you been my girl? It was a beautiful moment for me. 

Last night one of our friends set up a move projector for the kids. We gathered a bunch of chairs and it was movie night under the stars with smores towards the end of the movie. 

It’s been a memorable vacation. Hikes. Waterfalls. Lounging and talking by the lake. Stories near the camp fire. A great way to rest and slow down life. A reminder that God is so good and that there is always something to be thankful for. 


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