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Motherhood: Thank goodness for new days

I’m a firm believer that new days bring new beginnings. If you read my post from last night you’re well aware that yesterday evening was quite a doozie. The beauty of parenting though is that typically in the midst of chaos there are always sprinkles of triumphs and happy moments. Fore example, what I didn’t… Continue reading Motherhood: Thank goodness for new days

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Summer adventures at the lake 

We’ve been camping at Shaver Lake in the Sierra National Forest since last Wednesday and I could not feel more blessed.  We are here with five other colleague’s of my husband, each here with their family. Two of these colleagues are my husband’s closest friends. The campsite is filled with kids and my heart is… Continue reading Summer adventures at the lake 

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Acts of Kindness & Love

Lately I have been surprised by so many acts of kindness and love that I’m at a loss for words in expressing my gratitude to God and my family/friends and all I can say is a heartfelt Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I actually heard those 3 simple but significant thank you’s from one of the Pastor’s at church at our… Continue reading Acts of Kindness & Love


A Day of Fun and Girl Time

I’m very excited for today! After my husband and I go to church I’m going to be meeting up with four of my girl friends for a day of fun and catching up, ah yes, ando also so that we can celebrate my birthday from a couple weeks ago. First we’re going to be watching Avenue Q at the Pantages Theatre in… Continue reading A Day of Fun and Girl Time


The “Happiest Place on Earth” + Friendship

Today three of my friends and I treated my best friend to a day at Disneyland in celebration of her birthday. It was a sort of double celebration for our friend because it had been a very, very long time since she had been there so she was long overdue for a visit. Although we were only there for… Continue reading The “Happiest Place on Earth” + Friendship