A Day of Fun and Girl Time

I’m very excited for today! After my husband and I go to church I’m going to be meeting up with four of my girl friends for a day of fun and catching up, ah yes, ando also so that we can celebrate my birthday from a couple weeks ago.

First we’re going to be watching Avenue Q at the Pantages Theatre in LA, we had actually planned this as a separate event a couple months ago and then decided to make it the same day to celebrate and get together for my birthday. After the matinee show we’ll be heading to Spaghettini for dinner and then possibly going to a bar in Long Beach where they have dueling pianos. Don’t expect me to be making any solo performances though! 

I have a feeling my husband and Biggie are very excited to have the house to themselves and will no doubt be enjoying a day of leisure. A happy Sunday to you all!


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