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Staying Fit Sure Isn’t What It Use To Be

I love being in my 30’s but dang it I sure do miss how easy it was to workout and stay fit in my 20’s. Nowadays it seems like any little bad thing I eat just sits and builds up in the most inappropriate little spots if I don’t work out, immediately. I shouldn’t complain so much though, I’m happy with my body overall and love my curves and I’ve accepted the fact that I will probably never have washboard abs – although it would be so cool to just know once what that feels like.

I was actually doing really great with my gym visits up until I started school and then I noticed that my gym attendance started to slowly dwindle. Now I’m down to going twice a week, if I’m lucky, and at this stage in my life it’s not quite cutting it. This morning my friend and I finally got a chance to workout together again and as I started gaining momentum on the elliptical machine I couldn’t help but think, wow, this thing is kicking my butt today! I guess that’s what happens when you leave a gap of 5 days in between workouts. Maybe I should just be like our boy Biggie, he just carries around his little belly without a care in the world.

Well my goal this week is to get back on track with my workouts. I really miss that morning Body Pump Class, even though it’s rather insane to be getting up at 5am on a weekday, yet the feeling of accomplishment afterward is so worth it. It may not be as easy as before to stay fit but I know it helps my physical as well as mental state of mind. Plus my first 5k run is only 2 months away! It’s time to put some more miles on those tennis shoes…


5 thoughts on “Staying Fit Sure Isn’t What It Use To Be

  1. Some of us didn’t even get the joy of easy weight and fitness in our twenties! I go through a full marriage cycle with the gym too. The honeymoon period when you go everyday, the routine stage, the separation stage and the, ultimately, the divorce! I hope you and the gym can patch things up during your separation!


  2. Good for you. Finding time to work out isn’t easy. I had to become a “morning” person to start off my day with a workout since I could never predict what the rest of my day would be like.


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