Sweet Moments

I love this quote.

You ever go down the rabbit hole of photos and just feel this deep nostalgia? Or listen to a song that just fills your heart with tender memories?

I wouldn’t change a thing in my past. Not the heartache, disappointments, let downs by people I cared for deeply or looked up to, or the really hard moments that had me crying and curled up in a ball, because I wouldn’t be where I am today without those moments. I wouldn’t be able to count the blessings I have today without all the valleys I traveled. I wouldn’t be able to say “I could not ask for more.”

I’m 46 years old and there is peace in my heart. There is love and calm and kindness in my life. There are people that lift me up, encourage me, and remind me of the beauty of life.

But yes, if I could visit the past there are some sweet moments I would just love to feel twice. And I look at photos and for a small fraction it does feel like being transported back.

If I could say one thing to myself at age 18 I would tell that sweet, scared, and insecure girl, darling there is fire and passion in you. Have courage, you can do it. You’re not alone. God is holding you in the palm of his hands and what lies ahead is so much more beautiful than your mind has the capacity to imagine. Believe. ❤️

Until next time….


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