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Marriage – all about seasons 


At my bridal shower there was a little notebook passed around for my friends and family to write tips and advice for me. I’ll always remember what my then future sis in law Michelle wrote…”You will go through so many different seasons together. There will be times you will be so in sync, everything will feel great. And then there will be times you will wonder, what the heck?! Because everything will seem out of balance. Always remember to bring your faith back to God.” 

She was so right. I have a lot of love and respect for my sister in law. 

And it’s true, in our six years of marriage my husband and I have gone through some seasons, especially after having our daughters. 

There has been so much love, on a depth that I have never before experienced, laughter, tears, frustrations, joys, dancing, inside jokes, and blessings. And I am thankful, even in the difficult and testing moments, that God chose to bring us together. That God knew, beyond what we could ever envision, that together we can grow, learn, and love in a way that can only happen because God is at the foundation of our relationship and marriage. 

Marriage is not easy but it is definitely  amazing and a blessing that I thank God to be sharing with my husband. 


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