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Road trip to relaxation 

We are off to Sequoia National Park this weekend! 

Shortly after Elysse was born, my husband and I started to talk about booking a camping trip in May so that we would have something nice to look forward to. I did the math and figured at 4 months of age it wouldn’t be too bad to take the baby, but I definitely wasn’t quite ready to tent it so we agreed we would either rent an RV or find a lodge to stay at. 
My husband did some research and found this family resort Montecito Sequioa Lodge that is in the heart of the Sequoia’s and that is all inclusive. Let me repeat that. A family resort and all inclusive. Those are two of the sweetest words to hear when traveling with a toddler! 

There’s a lake where guests can swim, kayak, daily family activities, guided nature walks, and did I mention food is included in the cost of the room? 

Honestly I’m just excited that we’re getting away and spending some time surrounded by nature and for down time away from the city noise. Plus we will also be celebrating our 6 year wedding anniversary on May 30th and what better way to spend it than together as a family with our girls? 

I’ll be sure to share our experience and pictures! And who knows, if we enjoy this place as much as I hope we will, it may turn into a yearly family tradition to spend some time there. 


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