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One with Nature

We are going camping this weekend!!! Can you tell I’m excited?

I had never been camping until I met my husband, and I do mean the sleep in a tent and bundle up in your sleeping bag camping kind of thing. I remember the first time my husband took me camping to Joshua Tree National Park, it was the very first time I had seen such an incredible night sky. My husband and I were dating back then and as it started to get dark he told me not to look up at the sky. Then after we had dinner he told me to close my eyes as he led me to what he felt was one of the darkest spots around us and told me to look up and open my eyes. I had never in my life seen so many bright stars lighting up the night sky and I got tears in my eyes, it was one of the most beautiful sights. Then, once we were ready to call it a night, my husband decided we should sleep in our sleeping bags but outside our little 2 person tent because the temperature was so warm. I don’t think I ever shared this with him, so he might learn something new with this post, but I was petrified that night. I kept having visions of creepy crawlies getting into my sleeping bag and then of course I started thinking about how snakes (one of my biggest fears) could easily slither into any open crevice in my bag, particularly near my face. Eventually though fatigue won over and I did fall asleep and I remember waking up sometime in the middle of the night and just taking in the beautiful sight from above.

So when I was looking at my husband’s work calendar a few weeks ago and saw that he was off Thursday – Sunday, I decided to request Friday off and work Tuesday instead so that I could also have the same four days off and hopefully we could plan a get away. We kept tossing around different ideas but most of the places we came up with were going to be pretty cold this time of year. Then my husband suggested maybe we could go camping and rent his friend’s RV, which we actually used when Celeste, our daughter, was just 6 months old and took her with us on our first family camping trip. The only thing is now our daughter is 2 years old and the thought of the 3 of us trying to sleep in the RV bed had me thinking I was in for some uncomfortable rest-less nights, but I figured okay, if that’s what we end up doing then I’ll just go with it. Then on Tuesday my husband sent me a message that he had booked our weekend escape and we were going camping. Well, no way around it now! I couldn’t wait to get more details and finally around 9:30pm that night when my husband and I got some quiet time I asked him where we were going and ta-da…

He totally surprised me by saying he had rented us a cabin at Cuyamaca Rancho State Park near San Diego!! Based on the reviews on tripadvisor and the photos from past campers, the place looks beautiful. It even has a lake! Have any of you ever been there before? I’m really looking forward to enjoy time away from the hussle and bussle and having some time as a family for the three of us to explore some trails and all the pretty scenery nature surrounds us with. Plus I love that we can expose Celeste to different places and experiences. I’ll make sure and share some pictures on here when we return.

In the meantime here’s a few pictures from past camping trips, enjoy!

Joshua Tree in 2007, my husband setting up our 2 person tent
Joshua Tree in 2007, my husband setting up our 2 person tent
This was at Fisherman's Camp in 2009, and my very first hike in camping trip, versus pulling up our car up to the camp spot.
This was at Fisherman’s Camp in 2009, and my very first hike in camping trip, versus pulling up our car up to the camp spot.
This is me with the gear I was carrying.
The bed the three of us slept in on our first RV camping trip with our daughter.
My husband out walking with our daughter on her first camping trip, it lulled her to sleep

Oh and one last side note, as I was packing our stuff I decided to try on all the warm gear my husband had bought me way before my baby days. I wasn’t sure what would fit and much to my absolute delight, all my warm jackets/tops fit! Woohoo! It’s already starting off to a great start 😉


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