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Family time 

Today was pretty jam packed with fun and enexpexted activities. Well, at least unexpected to me based on what I originally thought we would be doing on a Friday. 

First I was hungry for a workout. So at 6:30am after feeding Elysse, I headed out the door with my workout gear and headphones on. I had intended to go for a 30 minute walk but instead I got a little excited with the tunes coming from my iPhone and did a walk/jog instead. It felt great to be out there again after so long! Then I did some arm-leg-ab variation exercises at home and by the time I was done I was beat. I’m a work in progress to say the least! 

I had only one thing planned this afternoon that I really wanted to do, go to my coworkers going away party. I haven’t seen most all of them since going on maternity leave and I miss them and was really looking forward to the evening with them. 

Instead my husband surprised us by saying we were going to Torrey Pines and he wouldn’t take no for an answer. I agreed and (naively) prayed we’d be back home by at least 5p. 

Well a missed exit led us to La Jolla Cove where we saw the sea lions. It was pretty awesome, especially to experience it with Celeste. 

Here she is with some in the background

I love this next picture because as she saw the sea lions approaching she was like I’m out of here!

After spending some time at La Jolla Cove it was decided we would go to Torrey Pines State Reserve because heading back at 3pm would put us in bumper to bumper traffic and we might as well enjoy the rest of our day together. 

The park was beautiful. The trail we took had some amazing views and we even got to enjoy the sunset. Our first family sunset. 

In this picture Celeste didn’t want to take a picture but she was ok with papa taking a picture of us talking

A shot of the sunset 

And a very nice family shot of the four of us 

I’m not going to lie, I was pretty bummed I missed the going away party and made the most of it. At the end of the day I enjoyed it and loved that I got to see Celeste having so much fun. 

Now it’s just my dogs are barking because of the exercise in the morning and then all the walking we did. I’m one step closer to that hot body though! 

Story of my life!! Hahahaha 


2 thoughts on “Family time 

  1. Oh, man! I was just going to “Like” this (tho’ not for missing the party) and roll, but that picture! OH! The mirth!


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