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Motherhood: Thank goodness for new days

I’m a firm believer that new days bring new beginnings. If you read my post from last night you’re well aware that yesterday evening was quite a doozie. The beauty of parenting though is that typically in the midst of chaos there are always sprinkles of triumphs and happy moments. Fore example, what I didn’t… Continue reading Motherhood: Thank goodness for new days

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The Countdown to Japan Begins

I cannot believe that in exactly two weeks we will be standing on Japanese soil. I can’t even visualize that in my head. I can’t even visualize sitting on an airplane with my husband and our almost 2 1/2 year old daughter. My brain just can’t seem to grasp around that idea, probably because it… Continue reading The Countdown to Japan Begins

Adventures of Biggie the bulldog

Terrible Two’s…Of The Bulldog Kind

I have a feeling Biggie sensed we were up to no good and would be leaving him at the vet/boarding place because this past week he had the mischief in overdrive. I like how my husband puts it, “it’s not that he’s being bad it’s that he’s not doing what I want him to do”.… Continue reading Terrible Two’s…Of The Bulldog Kind