Happy tears

I’m sitting here while my daughter is in dance class when suddenly my eyes begin to well with tears. And I think to myself thank God there is no one here right now to ask me a question so that I don’t have to lift my face; which is slightly covered by my fallen strands of hair.

These aren’t sad tears though. They are thankful tears. Because I was browsing through some gratitude quotes and I began to think of things I am grateful for.

There are so many small and big and in between things that make me thank God for the life I have. Even now as I sit here with this awful head cold and my nose stuffed up and the back right side of my jaw aching (I have no idea what brought that pain on) I realize that as uncomfortable as that feeling is, it is so weak in comparison to the blessings I can count.

There is so much that we sometimes take for granted. The fact that we have a cup that we are able to fill with the family and relationships we build, with our love and faith in God (or whatever you believe in) with our own self love and growth, the food we get to enjoy, that we get to see all this beauty around us, that we have the freedom to share and speak. That we breathe and get to choose daily how we want to live our life.

So I am thankful for my happy tears. They represent all of God’s blessings.

I hope that no matter what challenge you may be facing you are also able to have a grateful heart.


2 thoughts on “Happy tears

  1. I just love this and love you! The timing of your blog could not be more appropriate for me right now. I am going through some things right now and so need to be reminded of how truly blessed and grateful I am to have all I do. Thank you Yvonne for your candour and for sharing from your heart. Please keep sharing because you may never know who it touches!

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    1. Thank you so much for your words Leslie. I hope that whatever it is you are going through will ease itself and let you feel at peace again. Thank you truly though for your kind words, the greatest thing for me when I write is to hear it touched someone else.


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