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Bright lights delight

This season I am focusing on being conscious of how much I say yes to so that we can all enjoy what we do attend to the fullest. It can get a little tricky with so many different invitations to celebrate but in order to fully enjoy the reason for the season (Christ’s birth) and not find myself (too) overwhelmed, it’s necessary to take a step back and think, do we really need to be a part of this? If you struggle with saying no to things, take a moment to reflect on what that means, to stretch yourself so thin that instead of being fully present and enjoying the Christmas spirit, you’re almost wishing for the season to be over…and make sure you keep yourself away from those icky feelings.

That being said, there are some traditions I like to make sure we don’t miss. Like our yearly Kids Secret Santa Exchange that five of my friends and I have done with all our little ones. We also do a separate day where all 5 of us enjoy a nice dinner and some good quality time together (without our kids) so that we can do our own gift exchanging. Then of course Christmas Eve with my family and also the Christmas family celebration with my husband’s family the week after Christmas. I look forward to these events every year.

As I find myself saying no to some things, I find I am able to make room for other events that we hadn’t done in the past. Like getting together at a park to make gingerbread houses and just let the kids play and run around, having a hair bow exchange and dinner Christmas celebration with the moms’ and girls from my daughter’s dance team, buying tickets to attend Winterfest OC in the new year. Rather than feeling overwhelmed, I am smiling inwardly because I am looking forward to these upcoming events.

One of my favorite traditions that I enjoy each year is going somewhere to walk around and see Christmas Lights. I used to take my mom and cousin to visit this neighborhood in nearby Fountain Valley, but last year when we took our girls it was a bit of a bust because they no longer deck out as many houses as they used to. A bit of a bummer to find out, but we still enjoyed it anyway.

A few weeks ago while at a birthday party, I was talking with the mom of the birthday girl and she told us how down the street from them in Brea there’s a neighborhood known for decking out their houses with lights, rows and rows of houses. So last night after a fun day at the park and then visiting one of my husband’s friends who invited us over to eat some Sopes (traditional Mexican meal) I wanted to make sure we visited that neighborhood. Yes, I’m that person that once they have something on their mind I’ve got to make it happen.

I ended up just googling “brea neighborhood christmas lights” and what came up was 2970 E. Primrose Ave., Brea, CA. If you’re in search of an awesome drive or walk through a beautiful neighborhood filled with the most delightful Christmas light decorations, come here! I later found out through some signs they had posted that the neighborhood itself is called Eagle Hills. We went in through E. Birch St. and S. Starflower St. (which is the street that intercepts Primrose Ave.). You can either drive on through (it’s a slow drive around as there are a lot of cars going through) or you can park on Ranger St. (opposite side of Starflower St) and walk from there into the neighborhood. I personally enjoy walking through the neighborhood because you can take more time to stop and gaze and truly admire the work that each neighbor put into decorating their home. From simple to elaborate, they were each a true delight to see. All four of us had a great time!

Here are some of my most favorite shots we took. Enjoy! And remember, where ever it is you find yourself going this Christmas season, remember to go with a grateful heart and to be fully present so you can enjoy where you are at.


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